Aphrodite Papadatou is a London based Greek artist. characterised by prolific imagination, tantalising sensuality, and a remarkable ability to bring to life irreverent, maudit characters, Papadatou’s expressionistic oeuvre depicts figures, whose tormented, consumed physicality and twisted, convulsive limbs are somehow raw, yet poetic reminders of Egon Schiele’s genius and passion. Her highly empathic nature recognizes and, in an altruistic act, depicts the bodily feelings of her subjects. The intensity of this emotional connection subconsciously leads Papadatou to incorporate her own features and fuse them with the ones of her characters. Burning eyes with evident emotions encompassing resentment and lust, are imprints on canvas of the artists’ friends and lovers documenting fetishisms, sexual and social identities and subcultural communities.

A part of her body of work entitled ‘London Anarchy’ is featured in Reg Traviss' feature film ‘Anti-Social’ (2015).

She has recently worked on a series of paintings and drawings in collaboration with the drag-queen collective Sink the Pink.   

For her latest show, Ultimate Angels a collaboration with photographer Byron Newman, Aphrodite will be exhibiting a body work on transgender and transexual identity.  Ultimate Angels, The Herrick Gallery Mayfair, London July 2017.


April 2015: 'Last Night a Drag Queen Saved my Life'. Solo show (preview).  Machine Rooms, Limewharf, Hackney, London. UK

July - September 2015: 'GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS', a retrospective of the female form. Solo show. Dalston Superstore, Dalston, London. UK

November 2015:  'Fringe!' Queer Film and Arts Festival 2015.  Group show. Rose Lipman Building, Dalston, London. UK

December 2015: 'Giving'. Group show. Trident and Triangle Gallery, Bermondsey, London, UK

May 2016: 'AM I'  A one month residency.  Solo show. The Library, St Martins Lane, West End, London, UK

June 2016: 'Trophic relations'.  48 Stunden Neukolln Festival. Group show. Neukolln, Berlin, Germany

June - September 2017: Periptero, for Documenta 14, Kassel, Germany

July 2017: 'Ultimate Angels', Duo show, The Herrick Gallery, Mayfair, London, UK

November 2017: Aphrodite Papadatou, Solo show, FOUAR Gallery, Athens, Greece